Lets talk about PIL

PIL is a startup that develops digital tools for training, management and maintenance of professional knowledge in the world of insurance. The company was founded by Morly Dory, after a career of 30 years in senior management positions in the insurance sector.


The tools developed have been developed by PIL to create a professional reality of professionals and workers who are better trained and more knowledgeable, who are more satisfied and who at the end of the day – bring better results.


Digital tools, accessibility, insurance – what links them together?

The world of insurance is one which is complex, entailing huge quantities of knowledge. Those engaged in it need an understanding of the existing laws at a level that enables them to implement them in a variety of situations and a variety of complexities.

Alongside the complexity, the sector has undergone significant changes in recent years. The rise of companies such as Lemonade have set the trend for the need for renewal, simplification and accessibility of the area of insurance which have given it a name in a sector which is complex and difficult to understand.

The increasing demand for accessibility of insurance knowledge exists not only vis-à-vis the customers, but also amongst professionals. The need to accumulate and maintain up-to-date and relevant professional knowledge amongst the workers is growing and on the other hand, the tough competition in the sector requires maintain low costs and saving of resources.

The tools that are currently available to professionals in the sector are outdated and are not in line with the technological capabilities of the 21st century.

So what is the solution to the problem?

PIL has developed digital solutions for training, management and maintenance of the knowledge of the professionals engaged in the various areas of insurance. The solutions are provided as SAAS (software-as-a-service) – digital systems and content, which can be accessed online from anywhere and at any time, without necessitating the purchase and installation of heavy and complicated systems.


The content is presented interactively and with high accessibility and is updated continuously in line with regulatory requirements.


The solutions are suited to businesses of any size, from independent businesses to companies with thousands of employees, thanks to payment model based on the number of users.

PIL offers two innovative tools

Smart regulation search system

Online system of courses in insurance

With PIL, you will be able to:

Save time and resources needed for self-development of work and training tools

Save costs, thanks to a pay as you go payment model based on actual usage

Enjoy innovative work and training tools that are available at any time and from any place

Measure the efficiency of the management and maintenance of the knowledge in your organization

How was PIL born?

Morly Dory

The brain behind PIL is Morly Dory, former CEO of Bituach Haklai and the Peltours insurance brokerage, with professional knowledge and experience of over 30 years in the world of insurance.

Morly started developing insurance training systems already in 2009 and sold them successfully to Israel’s five biggest insurance companies, but the big dream waited until 2019 – the year when PIL was founded. Our ambition is to continue developing solutions and tools for accessibility to knowledge in the world of insurance, enabling businesses and companies to work more efficiently and more effectively.

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