Smart Regulation Search System

With us,

you search & find

any regulation issued by The Capital Market, Insurance, and Savings Authority, including: old regulations, regulations that have been cancelled, the Regulation Codex and additional publications from The Capital Market, Insurance, and Savings Authority' system

Search system capabilities

With the PIL search system, the search is far more efficient and simple, by virtue of unique capabilities, including


Why do I need it?

Search key-words within titles and regulation content

System includes old regulations, cancelled regulations and the Regulation Codex

Link between all of the versions of the same regulation organized in a chronological order for ease of orientation

Pre-filtering options – according to publication date, type, validity etc

Smart suggestions for other regulations that could be relevant for the search

Link between cancelled regulation and the regulation replacing them and vice-versa

Every document can be viewed, printed or downloaded

How do I join?

Access to system

Number of users

Updated list of regulations by subject

How to join?



Get a taste of what our system can do

14 days


Directly via site


₪200 per month

Upgrade your service with all system capabilities

1 year


Directly via site


₪200 per month , per user

Give your team a more efficient and smarter tool

1 year

Unlimited (paid)

Directly via site

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